Locksmith Farnley, Leeds LS12

Address: Bawn Drive, Leeds LS12 5QH

We operate in the vicinity of The Beulah Bistro Ltd

We carry a range of locks and spares to enable us to carry out any job at any time of the day or night.  Our guys are experienced and carefully vetted in order to support our reputation. 

Locksmith Farnley Leeds provides locksmith services to both residential and commercial customers.   All of our jobs are fully guaranteed and we can attend your calls 24/7 all year round at any time, day or night. NO callout charges are applied.

With 11 years of experience, our locksmiths are standing ready day or night throughout the year to provide first-class service at minimum disruption and cost.

Farnley is a suburb located in the western part of Leeds.  Approximately three miles from the city centre and is bordered by other suburbs such as Wortley, Bramley, and Armley.  Farnley has a mix of residential areas and green spaces, including parks such as Farnley Hall Park, a popular local park with a playground, skate park, and a variety of sports facilities. There are also several primary schools located in the area, including Farnley Academy and Farnley Park Mathematics and Computing College.

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